Monday, April 1, 2013

What I Ate Last Week

March 26-April 1

This marks the fourth week since I began a completely detailed weekly food journal and I've decided to keep it going for at least a little longer. I enjoy sharing what I eat in hopes to help anyone who is interested in trying out a raw vegan diet. I know it can be difficult at times but my biggest advice would be to make sure to eat enough whole fruit, for the fiber to keep you full and the carbs to keep you going.. and although you may stumble, we all do in one way or another but its important to not get too down on yourself and to keep moving forward. One step back, two steps ahead <3

Tuesday, March 26
10:30- 32 oz lemon water
12:30- 32 oz Our Daily Juice
2:30- berry bowl; strawberry blueberry raspberry
3:30- 2 bananas with almond butter honey mix
4:30- 32 oz lemon water
6:00- salad; romaine baby spinach arugula cucumber red onion carrot tomato, olive oil salt crushed red pepper
7:30: big bowl of chocolate Ice Cream

Berry Bowl

9:30- 32 oz lemon water
11:00- 2 oz wheat grass; 16 oz OJ
12:30- 1 orange, 16 oz smoothie; strawberry orange banana date pHresh greens
2:30- apple
3:30- berry bowl; blueberry blackberry raspberry
4:00- 16 oz OJ
7:30- flesh of 2 coconuts with juice of 1 lime and ground chili pepper; water of 1 coco
9:00- salad; romaine spring mix arugula cucumber tomato carrot red cabbage, olive oil salt & pepper

9:30- 32 oz lemon water
1:30- 24 oz smoothie; orange banana strawberry blueberry raspberry blackberry date pHresh greens
4:00- 1 apple,1 orange
6:00- 24 oz green juice; orange grapefruit cucumber kale parsley cilantro ginger
8:00- flesh and water of 1 coconut 


10:00- 32 oz lemon water
11:30- 32 oz juice; grapefruit orange lemon kale parsley cilantro ginger
2:30- Kiersten and I went for lunch at Layers Bakery for organic salads and a cookie, we LOVE this place <3
6:00- 1 big english cucumber
8:00- flesh of 1 coconut with lime and chili; coconut water
9:00- raw granola almond milk cereal;  crumbled Power Crunchies, sliced dates, blueberries (or bananas or both), raw honey, cinnamon 

Raw Cereal

Saturday- casino from 2pm- 8pm
10:00- 32 oz lemon water
11:00- 24 oz juice; orange grapefruit lemon ginger
1:30- 32 oz Our Daily Juice
3:00- 1 apple
4:00- 1 banana 
7:00- glass of cabernet 
9:00- Whole Food's pizza, special order organic cheese

10:00- 32 oz lemon water
11:00- 24 oz smoothie; cherry vanilla banana date almond milk
12:30- 2 oz wheat grass; coconut water
1:30- 1/2 FEARLESS Exploding Coconuts organic chocolate bar 
3:00- 32 oz Our Daily Juice 
6:00- salad and a banana 

Monday, April 1
10:30- 32 oz lemon water
12:30- 32 oz green juice; grapefruit celery cucumber dandelion greens kale parsley lemon ginger
2:00- 2 bananas
4:00- carmelized onion and goat cheese scones from Layers Bakery with organic ham cheese bacon lettuce tomato and mayo.. omg, so good. its so hard to not eat this stuff sometimes! 
6:00- 32 oz lemon water
8:00- 24 oz juice; orange grapefruit lemon

This mornings juice prep <3

On Saturdays I play poker and don't buy food from the casino, for obvious reasons, so I always bring something to eat, usually a piece of fruit or two. This is proving to not get the job done because by the time we leave I am super hungry and this past Saturday it resulted in a stop at Whole Foods for pizza. I don't want to keep giving in to cravings so I plan to prepare better next weekend.

This week I over indulged a bit and I'm looking forward to a much needed cleanse.

until next week..

-eat love, live love <3


  1. Your food looks very vibrant and super delicious! I wish you a wonderful Thursday :)

  2. maybe that sippy cup lid for your mason jars i was telling you about... to pack juices for u guys in a little soft cooler... i should figure out where i saw them...

    1. I forgot you told me about them! googling..... <3

  3. HI Letitia! I've been reading your blog for a while now, and I love your blog and your recipes! your photos are so pretty! i'm a 14 year old raw vegan and I would love for you to check out my blog! =)

  4. Thanks girl! I will definitely check it out.. Love!! <3

  5. You posted nice .I am finding more similar post through online .I wanna say with you "Love Human Life" deeply .Please keep it up .